Q. Are the serivces you are providing, free of charge?

Yes. they are absolutely free.

Q. Do you I have to create an account to use your services?

No. Generally you are not required to create an account for using the services; however there might be some specific tools that might be misused by some users so we will need you to become a free member to use those tools. This way we can control the way those tools are being used.

Q. Are you offering free membership?

Yes. The membership is absolutely free. To become a member please visit Create account page

Q. Is there a paid version of your website?

Not at this time; however because we are paying to other providers for the services that we are providing you for free, we might have to run a paid version of the website for using some of the tools.

Q. Are you providing support services as well?

No. Unfortunately we are not able to do so. This is an AS-IS service and we do not have enough resources to support your technical questions; however if you find a tool that is not working properly please let us know via our contact page.

Q. I am looking for a certain tool. Can you add it to the services?

Yes, that is possible; however in order to add a tool we have to make sure that it meets the following conditions:

1. Potential amount of users interested in the tool
2. Implementability as a web-based tool

Please submit your requests via our contact page.

Q. How can I support you?

You can support us by sharing our address in social networks via the links on the website pages or directly.

Q. Some of your tools do not work as expected. What should I do?

Please take some time and submit your feedback through our contact page and we'll take care of the problems ASAP.

Q. How can I contact you?

Please visit our contact page to communicate with us.