Welcome to ETYN.com!

In this page we will walk you through what you can get from this website.

1. User experience and preferences:

We are using session cookies to store your settings including windows layout and theme. This helps us provide you with a better experience while using our services.
We store session information for a limited time, normally 7 days from its creation date; which means all your preferences will be reset to default after that time. Also if you manually delete your browsing history or cookies all your settings will be gone.
To prevent this from happening, you can create a free account so we can store your information in database and restore them when you log in. To create a free account click here.

2. Visiting the website for the first time:

When you visit the website for the first time, it is recommended to take some time exploring how you get the most from the web site. For this to happen, just click on "Get introduced" button on the top menu:

3. Searching and adding tools:

We have listed all the tools in a search box so you can easily find what you are after. Simply open the search box and select and add the tool(s) to the panel by clicking on button:

Each tool belongs to a category. When you open the tools search box, you will see categories in bold. Categories are not selectable and can't be added to the tools area. Their sole purpose is to help you find the tools you want easier.

4. Working with the panel:

We have created a panel to be used as your desktop. You can see the panel on the homepage of the website.
The panel consists of 3 columns and each column can serve one or more windows. The actual tools are inside windows.
This design provides you with the ability to have all the tools you want in a single panel. You can move, collapse, expand and close each tool window individually, quite independent to other tools. You can also move windows to different positions in the panel to sort them as you like.

Unless you save your windows layout (read more below), at each site visit you will see the most popular tools on the home page.

5. Working with the tools:

We have put each tool inside a window. A windows can be collapsed to save in view space of the panel and expanded whenever required. You can also close a tool by closing its window and add them again using the search box.
Each tool can work independently without requiring other tools to finish their job first. For example you can ping an IP address and at them same time convert a .WAV file to MP3 !!
At the bottom-right of each tool window there is a icon that can be used as a mini help on how to use the tool. To see the instructions just move your mouse over the icon and read the content. To see detailed information about a tool and instructions on how to use it, you need to navigate to each tool's page from the menu.

At the bottom-left you see a share icon which expands when you mouse-over it. Use the share button to let others know if you find a tool helpful.

6. Settings bar:

To make using the panel more convenient we have created a settings bar that allows you to:

7. See all the tools belonging to a category:

Sometimes you might need to work with all the tools under a certain category. In that case you don't need to open the tools search box and add them one by one; this can be time consuming. Instead try to find the category from the main menu and click on it as shown in the picture below:

8. See each individual tool in a separate page:

If you add the tools by using the search box on the home page, the information provided via the icon is minimal. If you need more information about a tool including what is it used for and how to use it in a very well presented manner (with images, etc.), you will need to visit the tool's personal page via the menu: