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Color Picker
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How to work with ETYN's "Color Picker" tool

What is Color Picker?

Color Picker is a free tool from ETYN for finding the HEX and RGB codes of a color. One use case is when you want to enter a color code somewhere i.e. on a website or application and you don't know which code maps to that color.

How does ETYN's Color Picker work?

To use Color Picker tool:

  1. Open the drop-down box and using the spectrum on the right, choose the color base you want.
  2. Color Picker
  3. Now using the palette on the left, pick a color by clicking on it. You can see the drop-down box's background is changing by picking each color.
  4. Color Picker
  5. Now to copy the HEX or RGB codes of the picked color, copy them manually from the color palett or click on Color Picker icon to copy the color code to clipboard (HEX code only) and then paste it where you want.