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Image Converter
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max file size: 10MB

Output format:

How to work with ETYN's "Image Converter" tool

What is Image Converter?

Image Converter is a free tool from ETYN for converting image file formats.

What image formats are supported?

A large number of image input and output formats are supported:

Input Formats:

Output Formats:

How does ETYN's Image Converter work?

To use Image Converter tool:

  1. If your image file is on your PC, Simply drag and drop the file to the rectangular area or alternatively if it is hosted on the internet click on "Upload from URL" and then enter the file's URL in the input box. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB.
  2. Image Converter Image Converter
  3. If you add your file from your PC, when your file is added, you will see a box showing the file name and size. You have the option to remove the file and add another one by clicking on "Remove file" button:
  4. Image Converter
  5. Select an output format from the drop-down box. We find the input file format based on file's extension and fill in the output box with the supported output formats for that file. You can find the output format faster by typing in the output box:
  6. Image Converter
  7. Click on the Convert button and wait for the file to be uploaded first and be converted. We display the conversion status on the status box below the Convert button.
  8. Image Converter Image Converter
  9. After the conversion is finished you will see a download link to the converted file. Click on the link and download the file.
  10. Image Converter

    That was all the steps required for converting image formats using ETYN's Image Converter.

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