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My IP Address
My IP Address

How to work with ETYN's "My IP" tool

What is My IP?

My IP is a free tool from ETYN that shows the current IP address of your system that is visible on the internet.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique address for your machine that makes it possible for you to communicate with other machines on the internet or on your internal network. Think of it as your home address that is unique so other people can send you letters!. If your address is not unique and refers to 2 or more different locations you won't be able to receive letters. IP addresses come in 2 different formats: IPv4 (IP version 4) and IPv6 (IP version 6). IPv4 addresses are currently used widely on the internet and consist of 32 bits. When converted to decimal numbers, each IPv4 address has the form of where xxx is a decimal number between 0 and 255; so is a valid IPv4 address but 14.311.6.99 is not valid because 311 is greater than 255.
Read more about IP addresses on its wiki page.

How does ETYN's "My IP" tool work?

To use My IP tool, simply add it to your tools area and it will show your IP address straight away:

My IP address

You can always re-check your IP address by clicking on button. It is useful when you connect to another network and you want to know what your new IP address is.

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